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Are you ready to make those changes to live a more sustainable life and help life on this planet continue for future generations?  Read on for ways you can make a difference!

10 Easy Changes to Your New Eco Life

Sustainable Lifestyle

10 easy changes for an eco life

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10 Tips to Plastic Free!!!

Zero Waste

10 tips to plastic free!!

Find your starting point to living without plastic in your life!

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5 ways to go car free

5 ways to live car free

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Create your own bucket list

How to create your own bucket list

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Our Eco Mindset Courses...

…are brought to you in association with and from our founder Amie Alissa Design.  

Eco Starter Course

Maybe you feel like you want to do something but can’t commit the amount of time or money you feel it deserves?  With this you could discover eco ways in a more holistic manner.  This will be a gentle nurturing workshop where we provide the eGuide and tools needed to get you started on your journey whenever you may be ready for it!   


The Eco Starter Course will ease you in gently and give you a real good idea of what will be expected within our range of eco courses. Perhaps you are not ready for those big changes yet? 

We want you to know that it doesn’t matter if you are not quite ready. Your taking part in this taster gives us funds to further support and campaign, plus develop ways of reaching other people to spread the message and get everyone involved in changing their ways to help save the planet so either way you will be doing your bit! Good to know hey?!

Repair Your Clothes

Have you been waiting for that excuse to be able to learn how to fix your own clothes?  Fed up with getting someone else to do it and paying out money for that privilege?  Perhaps you have been wondering how to take something that once was great and make it shine again?  Breathing new life into old garments sat redundant in the back of the wardrobe, is that what you would like?   If that is you.  You have come to the right place.

We educate on reusing, recycling and reducing our consumption to create a slow circular earth and we want to help you to do exactly that.  We run a Virtual Repair Cafe in which we help show you how to do simple repairs and fix up fabric things!  This course however is different to the Repair Cafe as in this will give you the skills to do it on your own.  With our easy to follow eguides and ebooks along with our easy to follow online workshops you will be able to go at it yourself.  We will never be too far away for any assistance you may need. This is your chance to take those slow circular reins in your hands and take a hold for yourself.  Pretty sure you will soon be offering to do your own alterations for friends and family!

When you sign up to this course you will receive a FREE Repair Cafe in a Bag worth £25.00!

All 'Eco Courses' are made up of...

Tutor led live group sessions as workshop would be face to face, just online instead!

Tutor Input
Group Discussion
Online Worksheets
Amie Watson Photo Credit: Lee Beel

Your Course Tutor

  • All workshops are recorded
  • Delivered by Amie Watson
  • Knowledgable tutor
  • Supportive sessions 
  • Empowering 

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