Time for reflection - Lists to be proud of...

It’s time to start making those lists and moving in the flow whilst it’s here, you know whilst we can still be bothered!!

So what to do differently, what to change and how to live, love and life more fulfilled.  There are a few things I know need to make my list and what will be on it will not be limited to by any means.  I will make changes as I see fit.  I will remove.  I will cross out and re-write as needs occur. They are definitely going to be things of the right nature.  They may hit in to things that I want.  They may just so happen to be things that will make my families life better.  They may be for the good of humanity.  They may be seeking to save the planet.  They may just be sitting eating chocolate but whatever they are they will be more of a manifesto for my life’s change than new years resolutions and resolute they and I will be in seeing it all through: 

Inspire your year

Come on 2021!

In no particular order herein concludes my hopes for this new year, I will embrace 2021 as I do any other, with vigour and a new found love of myself and see you on the other side:

  1. Gift and card giving to become as close to handmade/2nd hand or thoughtful eco as humanly possible (we have done great in-roads on this for the last couple of years but now seriously going into this!)
  2. Get out in nature once every day – no matter the weather – no excuses – even just standing and breathing
  3. Go car less or at least predominantly not using the car/vehicle as often as possible (this is also something we have toyed with) and 2021 is the year to really put it in to practise
  4. Get a new and improved Bucket List on the go – this is my 40th year of being on the planet so seems no better time to do it – especially as the last 2 lists have gone down pretty well!
  5. I want to cook more from scratch – already do this considerably more than I ever used to which is great its just that one of my biggest frustrations is the amount of recycling we still end up with despite trying desperately to go zero waste (so hard) but if I cook more if I grow more and made more things myself then it will be possible which leads me nicely to…
  6. Grow more on the allotment – get that veg proper established on there – be able to provide 75% of our meals home grown
  7. Zero Waste our life – we already have pretty much nothing going in to our main landfill bins and we are super proud of but, and it is a big but there is still so much card, and plastic from packaging that enters and leaves our house via the recycling and it pains me every time I have to put it out.  So whatever I can do to improve on that will be great!
  8. Meat and fish free – it is safe to say that fundamentally I am a vegetarian now, however I don’t like to say that as I don’t want to make other people feel uncomfortable about what they eat.  My children both eat meat as often as they can and as they have their own free will and mucho definitely do not want to give up as I hear so many times. I don’t want them to feel bad for what their choices are.  I don’t want them to feel guilty.  I do me.  Everyone else does them as it were.  I feel proud that we are all able to make these choices for ourselves – yet there are parts of me that think that I could perhaps eat less dairy – I do love cheese and cream.  So that is where I will make choices to eat differently but also Quorn is good yet sold in plastic packaging so it goes against principles.  Linda McCartney meat free range is the best as it comes in cardboard boxes at least that can be recycled, however as I keep on being told that the recycling bin actually goes to landfill I can’t trust that that is even a safe option.  Basically need to find and source as many options that don’t have packaging at all and so finding soya based alternatives that cause more problems and issues globally than of just eating locally reared meat seems nonsensical and messes with me too much I would rather not be veggie!! Anyway it is as always food for thought and this is something I could work closer to research and figure out during this hectic year!
  9. Take more stuff to charity and give things away for free using OLIO app.  Clear out clothes and shoes and make way for what I do use and need – gifting to others what we don’t use.
  10. Make things from scratch using recycled items – build an empire on what we believe in – using pallets to make more stuff!!
  11. Watch less TV/films (except from family time) and more fulfilling documentaries and such like
  12. Read every day – books, magazines and articles that will fill us with good things and inspire us to become better people
  13. Get out and about in the community, do more and be more for others – OLIO app and doing Repair and So Sew Cafe
  14. Write and share more – what I have I give to you
  15. Be more sociable – as much as is possible these days!! I know I have drifted away from being sociable and so must make much more of an effort as actually quite the social butterfly when I get going, and even these days without the need for copious amounts of booze!
  16. On that note also – make and share more of my drinks – super tasty – better for you than shop bought ones – thoughtful and more sustainable than buying new bottles/cans etc – possibly even less alcoholic ones as I have discovered mostly this last year that I really do not enjoy drinking – when I do I get far too into it and drink way too quickly, I can’t seem to stop myself and so it never ends well, so great excuse to give to others instead, sharing recipes for those that want to make themselves
  17. Shopping less – or at least if going shopping be more mindful – consider zero-waste and avoid going to consume via normal shops as far as humanly possible – ideally disappear to a remote island where I can’t get access to food with packaging waste and then that will make it easier – but until that day arrives think more and just simply don’t buy it – thus avoiding the stress of having to recycle it!!
  18. Let’s refill our lives – flour, rice, pasta, lentils.  Those annoying staples that almost always come in blooming plastic – lets flatly refuse say no and refill it all – it might be more effort but I am 100% sure it will be totes worth it!!!

Whilst these are not exhausted to things that need to be started and more merely a look at things that I would like to improve upon it means that they are more likely to be achievable.  I am inclined to stick to them and see them through because I already have a lot of my heart, time and life invested into them.  I can’t lose.  I can’t be beaten as they already are so, they are merely reminders of what I need to stick to.  

If I feel at any time I have lost my way they are there to guide me back on track and keep me on the straight and narrow.  Working also as a gentle nudge of what has already been achieved.  What I can already tick off the list.  I am only to gain from this process

Lists that anyone can be proud of...

Hope and time for yourself...

I hope that you can find hope for yourself within these resolutions, or as ideas for your own lists.  A catalyst for your own change.  

Remember whatever you do, to make it true to yourself and your beliefs.  Make it so your heart will gain from whatever you do.  In whatever way it can be satisfied. I’d love to hear from you in your eco adventures but for now I wish you the best with a happy guilt free time for you to get lost in your own thinking.

Grab a pencil and some paper.  Sit still, breathe deep, close your eyes and dream….

By Amie Alissa Watson
Founder of Slow Circular Earth UK

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