Making a Slow Circular Earth together...

Are you ready for the challenge?

Hi I’m Amie and I run a business and brand that educates all on the social, economical and most vehemently the environmental impacts we have as humans upon this earth we call home. 

I don’t just tell you and inform about this green way of life. No I truly live it everyday. Some days more than others. We are taking this journey together as one. We need to help, serve and educate one another.

So this is where I truly believe begins our best journey to date. I’m super serious! This is when things get real! The start is here. We all need some awe inspiring reason to really get stuck in, to really grasp this crazy little thing called life and I am sure that that time is now. To come together as communities, as regions, as nations and be strong. Fight. Live. Breathe and for the love of The Universe make this planet ours once more.

Yeah I heard you laughing, maybe even sniggering. Now I really don’t care because something has to change something has to shift its mega arse to really save us and I am wholeheartedly on it and in it.

Are you in?

So what’s not to love about going on that journey too? What’s to stop you from going, heck what is the worst that could happen? Perhaps we may even pull it off?!! 

Or maybe we can all help each other grow stronger at this moment onwards. Strength in numbers. Strength in unity and absolutely Strength in living in the present. In one exact moment. Not the past nor the future but right here, right now as one.

So hey look, I’m going to do it anyway so if you fancy joining me for a bit of fun then that’s great. Be good to share the highs and lows with you it really will.  If you don’t, it won’t stop me. Almost might even make me work harder for it!! 

In Pursuit Of Life and a Slow Circular Earth where we all sit around meditating together I will be living one year of challenges to improve my life, my children’s, my families, my friends and for the greater good of as many people I can help to live the right way. A more sustainable way.  That we will do every little bit we can to educate everyone, no matter who they are, in how to live an eco lifestyle. I don’t know everything and I as anyone am learning as I go.  So as mentioned it would be great to have others on the journey with me.

My challenge will be for a year, that then extends to two and then three and then becomes engrained that I or we don’t need to count it anymore. 

So here to say I set you the challenge of joining me. Come along for the ride. See what a difference we could make. See how we can overcome challenges together. 

It all starts with a book I’m writing that will become your story and the next persons too. It will be a legacy for the youth and a mantra for the bold but it will be.

I share with you my story, the reasons the whys and the things that happened around me that made me seize my life with both hands, both feet and weirdly my mouth and say that’s it I have had enough of not quite living my truth and I can take it no more. Here I am now more deeply than ever In Pursuit of Life and looking to create with you a Slow Circular Earth where we will all go together on our own Eco Mindset Journey and meet in the middle and at the other side.


  1. So challenge one – you have to start somewhere and no better place to start than at home with simple changes that you can make within your own power and remit.  We suggest using our FREE Download with 10 things for your new eco life, for a gentle easing you in kind of start!

Finding simple and easy changes for your eco new life is super straight forward and as we end up saying to most of our clients that once you get started you just can’t stop!! It is a little addictive…

We hope you get on well with your first challenge.  Don’t feel like you need to rush through all ten steps within this guide.  Take your time going through each one when you are ready and grasp each one with both hands and get in to it!

Life in this eco way is so rewarding when you give it a chance.  This initial challenge merely scratches the service and you will be itching to delve deeper.  We love to see how you are progressing so keep us updated with how your eco mindset journey is going, send us an email, tag us in socials>>>>>

This challenge can be started at any time during the year it just so happens that it’s January now and this is when it came to

Me. BUT you can start it anytime. When you enter this challenge you will receive an ebook copy of my story In Pursuit of Life. You will then receive weekly emails of what you can do to improve your sustainability and how you may live more green. You can choose to except the challenge or leave it in your inbox for when you are ready to accept. That’s the thing with this challenge. It can’t be limited by time. It needs to happen when you are ready for it to happen and that’s when you create the momentum for your life to truly start greening it up and when it does, that’s it you are totally hooked! 

We will be here every step of the way. This journey is an unforgettable one and you won’t quite believe why you didn’t try it before. You won’t let fear or worry hold you back ever again (hopefully…or if it does pop up you will be more equipped to tell it what you think and that it should do one!!)

10 easy changes for an eco life

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A challenge you can get deep within!

Hope and time for yourself...

I hope that you can find hope for yourself within this challenge, make your own thoughts for the future.  A catalyst for your own change.  

Remember whatever you do, to make it true to yourself and your beliefs.  Make it so your heart will gain from whatever you do.  In whatever way it can be satisfied. I’d love to hear from you in your eco adventures but for now I wish you the best with a happy guilt free time for you to get lost in your own thinking.

Grab a pencil and some paper.  Sit still, breathe deep, close your eyes and dream….

By Amie Alissa Watson
Founder of Slow Circular Earth UK

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Creating a slow circular earth

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