24 Wooden Clothes Pegs


100% Wooden Clothes Pegs from The Refill Shed.  

Make your sustainable statement on the washing line with this set of 24 pegs!  

24 Wooden Clothes Pegs

A sustainable old school little step to an eco life

  • Extra strong (therefore less liable to break!)
  • Rust Resistant Springs
  • Not made from plastic- wahoo!!
  • Bio-degradable (so when they do come to the end of their life you don’t have to worry quite as much)
  • Just like my Grandma used to use (why exactly did we change and adapt?!)

Get 24 wooden pegs for only £3.50

Items will be delivered to you without additional packaging where possible.  All eco products sold will be put in to one reusable recycled brown paper bag.  Or even better and we much prefer you to come with your own reusable bag to fill it up and take it away yourself.

Delivery is free to your door when you spend £10 within the local radius or you can come and collect at your own convenience.  Contact us to arrange a time to make sure we will be available.  Would not want you to waste your time and journey!  Whatever suits you!!  

Unfortunately we are unable to deliver outside of the following areas at the moment.  

Delivery and or Collection included for The Low Villages, Barton-Upon-Humber, Brigg and Elsham.  Other locations may be available please ask at time of purchase.  

Nothing will be sent by post.  Keeping the miles down and keeping it local is the main reason for this little venture.  This is an eco, personable local delivery and collection service.

If you want to know any other information we are really friendly and all you need do is ask.

Perhaps you haven’t seen our website yet, find out even more about what we are doing for the fight to save the planet.  We have plenty going on and we love to share, we really do!

amie & the team x




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