How to make your own DIY Earth Print Tote Bag

This is an easy to make DIY Earth Print Tote Bag tutorial. Such a great thing to do with your children. We did it as part of homeschool, a great weekend project! If you need to ask any questions please do not hesitate to contact us and like, comment or share to your hearts content!

Make your DIY Earth Print!

Such a fun thing to do with the fabric tote bags is to personalise them. I have made these for adults and children and all have enjoyed the quaint little prints we have created. You can follow our videos Part 1 & 2 for DIY Earth Print in our So Sew Cafe on how to make your own print block.

Our print blocks were done for our DIY earth print tote bag, the method uses the same principles for any DIY block print you want to make. Then see how we printed them, we did it as part of our homeschool fun! If you enjoyed these and want to see more homeschool ideas please join our group and subscribe to our Youtube Playlist. We used smaller simpler prints for when we did our DIY Face Mask Sewing.

Part 1 – DIY Earth Print
Part 2 – DIY Earth Print Tote Bag

or Step 3 – buy one from my shop or Etsy!

Then I can do the hard work for you!! Although this make is so easy and super fun, especially when done with kids. Just look at how much fun my son had!

We love to see your makes and if you do try anything out at home, take a photo and tag us in on Instagram or Facebook with @amiealissadesign.

All Variation Prints
You could make some prints similar to these – our favourite is Chirp our little birdy friend!

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