Time for reflection – inspire your year

I can’t help but get a little swept up in this new year stuff. It’s something I feel like I might be fighting against but on the flip side it feels like it can’t hurt this year. Why not give ourselves some good things to focus on, perhaps to take away some of the pain in losing control over nearly the whole of last year. 

Why not indeed? Why not just maybe put down a little list of targets that could help clear and focus the mind?  I mean what could possibly go wrong?! 

It’s been a different kind of year, tricky, strange, consuming, horrific at times but in one way or another it is just the same as any other year to date with its normal ups and downs. If I am very upfront and honest this year has very much not been the worst of my life. In very recent years I have seen much worse horrors happen within my life.

2020 will be a year with many vivid memories of actually living the kind of life I always dreamed of.  I know for many people that it has proven very testing and has stretched us to our limits but you have to admit that through all this that we have gained a better sense of humanity.  A stronger sense of community and a heck of a lot more consideration for others.

So it has got me thinking that perhaps there is more than just a simple need for positive New Years resolutions but that we need to focus on gaining that parity and perspective on what we will truly gain from doing them. How can we make them true, meaningful and lasting? How are we to gain that absolute shift to creating the lives we dream of and that some of us may be living? Yes we still have restrictions on our lives and these are darker times for many. We have life, we have nature, we have each other and we have a planet that needs us.

Questioning our choices

The way we live has now been brought into question and many of us have been left wanting that little bit of simplicity that little stretch of the imagination that creatively strips us back to how we were designed to live and how we certainly deem as an important thing to cherish. 

So my questions aren’t about which New Years resolutions would I like to do and how am I going to do them and when. But instead looking at how I can change my life to becoming that thing that I crave. Therefore not just a simple list of unrealistic targets. Bullet points that are likely never to be completed. A mere tick sheet for tick’s sake. No. This years resolutions need to be in actuality Resolute in purpose and absolutely without a shadow of a doubt actionable with real proper impact.

Inspire your year
Our reach in to this New Year sees us inspired for a better future a free future

I used to believe in the power of New Year; the change, the resolution. I found myself contemplating a reason to embrace the upcoming year, finding some thing to strive for and add meaning to my life.

Each year I would add things to lists: what I hoped to change; what I would like to do; how I would go about doing it. Sometimes these were short lists, sometimes big, long and unruly! They would become the sort of lists that were never completed, never fully ticked off, and weren’t in truth unachievable. 

I expect we all think of things we should probably change about ourselves but are not that inclined to do so. I know of people who do set goals and do achieve them, but more often than not, without any true-lasting lifetime spirit. That is where we fail. We put too much pressure on the aspect of achieving our set goals within one year. 

That is because we have to change our mindset first. We have to make sure we are at the right place, to set the wheels in motion for ourselves, to prosper within these new goals. Having an aim for a particular achievement is only going to work out if we have thought it through, given ourselves a chance to reach our target, in a realistic manner in real time.

So what should we change, what should we do differently? Can we set ourselves up to forge ahead to create a more sustainable life and a more holistic way of living?  Can we breathe deep into a new way of life and choose resolutions that we can keep?  Resolutions that we can fully commit too and embrace, ones that will benefit the community and allow everyone to thrive. 

Can we make lasting change for us all? How about a dream of free, accessible eco education for all?  How about creating something so meaningful that we can all buy into it and see it through together?

What steps can you take this New Year, for a new you, a renewed spirit – to create a slow circular Earth, where we start local but think global for ourselves, right here, right now, together?

By Amie Alissa Watson

Creating a slow circular earth

I am In Pursuit of Life, nurturing and supporting individuals, providing free eco education to create a Slow Circular Earth for our local and global communities to thrive in this world together.

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