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Introducing Amie Alissa Design

We run an eco & sustainable fashion design business called Amie Alissa Design Ltd.  Designing and manufacturing clothes using recycled fabric. We work closely with charity shops and promote buying secondhand. We offer a repair service for all items with fabric, reduce, reusing and recycling.  We run an online virtual Repair Café.  We are proud to offer online guidance for fashion designers, amateur and beginner sewing enthusiasts by using online methods to educate on reusing, recycling and reducing our waste and our effects. 

🌿So you want to know how to live a more sustainable, ethical, eco & thoughtful life?! Me too, we are all learning every single day.

🩲We strive every single day to lead a healthier, happier more holistic way of life. With an allotment plot, permaculture lifestyle in our garden & using eco products or designing & making things out of recycled, reused stuff.

🌱Join me on my quest for all things eco, let’s continue to strip back our lives and tread more lightly on the planet. We all have to start somewhere.

The brand is an ethical, sustainable and eco-centric fashion design business which primarily focuses on issues and support to local and national conservation work, heavily investing both time and money within both environmental, cultural and sometimes political entities. Feeling the ever increasing urgency to act now more than ever.  Alongside the brand I run a newly started climate action group via Friends of the Earth campaign – Yorkshire & Humber Climate Action Group (YHCAG).

A brand actively seeking ways to help make a difference, be it altering clothes for someone to rewear or share important climate change matters. Amie Alissa has 20 years experience in the fashion and textiles arena working as a lecturer for 10 years. Now using her teaching and supportive skills to nurture others and guide them with online tutorials ebooks and eguides with a blog and podcast to compliment these.

We make new clothes out of old stuff, we alter clothes, we fix old clothes, We use recycled fabric, we do everything as Green as possible, we design and make bespoke and organic clothes, we repurpose and recycle secondhand garments, we care about the earth and do everything in our power to live a better more sustainable life….

We support the RSPB, The Woodland Trust, Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth to name a few charities.

We are proud to use 100% Green Electricity to run our business.  We were supporting and investing with Ecotricity and now use Pure Planet for our Green supply.

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