In pursuit

Bucket list for forty

Bucket list for forty!!

Will you join me with your own eco bucket list?

So with some renewed vigour I arrive in 2021 about to set the next decade of my life in to action and all of that that has gone before, has been done, all that remains on the bucket pile seems less important and in most ways of no great significance to me anymore. So the things that will make the cut need to be brave, be bold, be true, be you/me, be accountable and be together on this most wondrous journey.

5 ways to car free

Life without a car

I love driving. I am a big fan of it, I really am. It can provide freedom and improves ability to get where you want to go when you want to go and allows you the option to ram everything but the kitchen sink in before you go on your journey of choice!

Yet for so long I have yearned for the chance to not be so reliant on a vehicle. To let the Earth breathe a bit more without being destroyed by more car exhaust fumes.  Until there is an appropriate option for an electric vehicle with affordability and accessibility then that option is off the cards.

You see it has got me thinking again.  I am sat on the JustGo bus on the way to collect my car from its umpteenth time in the garage. What is it this time you may ask? Well just new brake pads and an alternator. At least it is not a re-conditioned engine this time though!! 

Now I am contemplating the options for ditching the car and the stress it brings me on a daily basis and seeing if we could do it, if we could survive life without a car?

Slow Circular Earth Challenge

Hi I’m Amie and I run a business and brand that educates all on the social, economical and most vehemently the environmental impacts we have as humans upon this earth we call home.

I don’t just tell you and inform about this green way of life. No I truly live it everyday. Some days more than others. We are taking this journey together as one. We need to help, serve and educate one another.

Why live the good life?

Do you want to live an eco life? Do you feel like you need to do more?
I have never looked back on my eco journey. We are here to help you live your ultimate sustainable dream with simple changes and so many opportunities for eco learning right here! We are with you every step of the way.